Kodiak Trailer Components

At National Trailer Parts Warehouse we are proud suppliers of Kodiak Trailer Components, Kodiak manufactures hydraulic disc brake systems and accompanying parts for trailers in marine, cargo, RV, horse and utility varieties. Kodiak components come in different finishes; at National Trailer Parts we carry the corrosion resistant dacromet finished parts. Kodiak rotors are 100% tested and balanced to meet Kodiak’s very strict specifications, their testing and specifications are among the top in the industry. 

Finding out what size of parts you require is the biggest hurdle to replacement parts but Kodiak has made it easier, when it comes to rotors, brakes or mounting brackets you first need to take the component apart. For example, with your rotor if you cannot find a part number you will need to measure the diameter of the existing rotor. You will also need the bolt pattern and the wheel size. 

Now you have the size of the rotor, you may need calipers now, in order to replace the calipers on your trailer you will need to know the weight capacity of the axle that is on the trailer. The brand of calipers will make a difference as using a Kodiak brand and trying another brand for other components will not be compatible. Pads are made to fit specific models of calipers so make sure to double check which one you have before ordering. 

All Kodiak calipers have a “low drag design”, meaning they will not create a sharp grab but more of a gradual drag, which ends up with a cooler running brake. If the pads get to warm this could cause them to wear out sooner, to help combat this Kodiak has done 100% high- and low-pressure testing. 

Kodiak also has a great warranty program, they warrant their dacromet sets against defects in materials and workmanship for three years form the date of purchase. They will repair or replace any defective units without charge, just make sure to keep the warranty information card. 

At National Trailer Parts we carry complete disc brake kits, replacement hub-rotors in both slip-on and integral varieties, calipers, pads, and other parts such as boots, pistons, bolts, and brake line hoses. For more information on our Kodiak products call our sales team at National Trailer Parts Warehouse, or visit us online.  

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