Tire Covers – What Is The Importance?

Unless you are constantly using your RV or trailer on the road from one place to another, it is entirely possible that it will be sitting for an extended period of time in your yard or driveway. While sitting stationary your tires could face significant damage from a number of harsh elements, using tire covers can prevent costly repairs to your vehicles. They help protect against dry rot, premature sidewall cracking, and this in turn can help prevent blow outs.

One reason that tire covers are so important is that they reduce the heat that penetrates within the tire itself. Exposure of too much sun or heat may cause your tires to wear out much too soon, by using a cover you can minimize the heat that gets to the tire. White covers are the best option for this particular scenario as they do not attract heat, but throughout the industry there are multiple colors to choose from. Another reason to utilize covers would be dry rot, dry rot is more of a possibility when you use your vehicle in extreme conditions. Dry rot allows the air to escape the tire, making it very difficult to keep the tire properly inflated. It also causes unnatural expansion of the rubber while driving which then can lead to a blow out. That being said, even with the use of tire covers, please still inspect your tires seasonally.  Living in Canada we often have colder temperatures and by using covers you can protect your tires from potential damage caused by the cold temperatures and snow. 

One of the greatest benefits of using tire covers is the maintenance. Covers are an inexpensive option to protecting your vehicle and to maintain them you just use soap and water and wipe them down, as they are made from heavy-duty, water repellant vinyl. The ADCO Ultra Tyre Gards that we carry at National Trailer Parts Warehouse have double-needle stitching and overlapping seams, with a soft inner lining that helps to protect the rim from scratching. 

At National Trailer Parts Warehouse we carry ADCO Ultra Tyre Gards, which is a 3rd generation family owned company. They are definitely leaders in the industry and they hold three-year warranties on their products. They are extremely easy to install as well, you can slide them over the tire and using the reinforced grommets, you will secure them with a bungee ball cord, which can protect them from being blown away. This gives them a smooth and tailored look, and they come in many different sizes, including single and multi-axle covers. With the aid of covers you can expect the vehicles tires to serve their purpose as long as possible. For sizing see the chart below and the link to the ADCO site, or call one of our sales people to assist you. 

Size Chart

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