Repacking Bearings – Why & How (Part 2)

Cleaning & Repacking Wheel Bearings This is a messy job, but it is possible for you to do it yourself. In order to remove the wheel bearings, clean them and repack them, you will need to ensure the vehicle is raised and that you have room to work. Many manufacturers recommend this as part ofContinue reading “Repacking Bearings – Why & How (Part 2)”

Winterizing Your RV & Camper

As the summer winds down, and you are preparing for the kids to go back to school, most of us are sad to see it go, but taking steps to ensure that your RV or Camper are ready for winter are vital. If you are relatively new to this whole process, we have the stepsContinue reading “Winterizing Your RV & Camper”

Repacking Bearings – Why & How (Part 1)

Why repacking bearings is important Over time, grease breaks down, heat that is produced by the brakes speeds this up, and since a trailers weight rides on the wheel bearings it is very important to keep them well lubricated. This can be a quick DIY job if you know what you are doing, if youContinue reading “Repacking Bearings – Why & How (Part 1)”

Boat Trailer Maintenance & Safety Checklist

With summer here and in full swing, we want to make sure that our customers are aware of what is required to take care of their boat trailers. This helpful checklist will make sure that you are prepared for the summer season. According to Transport Canada, boat trailers are classified as motor vehicles, therefore, trailersContinue reading “Boat Trailer Maintenance & Safety Checklist”

ATV Trailers – What You Should Know

With warm weather here, there are more and more people outside enjoying the fresh air, the scenery and having fun. Hauling your ATV safely is a consideration that many, if not all ATV owners think about when deciding to load up and go. Here are some safe towing tips for your safety and others aroundContinue reading “ATV Trailers – What You Should Know”

Kodiak Trailer Components

At National Trailer Parts Warehouse we are proud suppliers of Kodiak Trailer Components, Kodiak manufactures hydraulic disc brake systems and accompanying parts for trailers in marine, cargo, RV, horse and utility varieties. Kodiak components come in different finishes; at National Trailer Parts we carry the corrosion resistant dacromet finished parts. Kodiak rotors are 100% tested andContinue reading “Kodiak Trailer Components”

Tire Covers – What Is The Importance?

Unless you are constantly using your RV or trailer on the road from one place to another, it is entirely possible that it will be sitting for an extended period of time in your yard or driveway. While sitting stationary your tires could face significant damage from a number of harsh elements, using tire coversContinue reading “Tire Covers – What Is The Importance?”