Kodiak Trailer Components

At National Trailer Parts Warehouse we are proud suppliers of Kodiak Trailer Components, Kodiak manufactures hydraulic disc brake systems and accompanying parts for trailers in marine, cargo, RV, horse and utility varieties. Kodiak components come in different finishes; at National Trailer Parts we carry the corrosion resistant dacromet finished parts. Kodiak rotors are 100% tested andContinue reading “Kodiak Trailer Components”

Lug Nuts – What Is Torquing & Why Do We Need It?

A lug nut (or wheel nut) is a nut with one rounded or tapered end used on steel and most aluminum wheels. Lug nuts are installed to secure a wheel to threaded wheel studs and thereby to the vehicle axles, there are 4 common types of lug nuts: Cone seat Bulge cone seat Flanged FlangedContinue reading “Lug Nuts – What Is Torquing & Why Do We Need It?”